Hi, this is my website

About me:

I am an idiot from Finland. I enjoy tinkering with computers, and I do programming and linux-related stuff in my free time. I've used (GNU/)Linux since 2017, my current distro is Arch, but i've been "tempted" by Gentoo multiple times, and NixOS seems rather interesting as well.

I am not an expert programmer, this is just my hobby.


I know the basics of html and css, which can probably be seen from the fact that you are reading this. I've also dabbled in a bit of php and js, but I don't know too much about them

In less web oriented languages, I've done a bit of C and C++ (as C + a couple of useful things) and lots of simple shellscripts as utilities. Currently my favourite programming language is rust, it is fairly simple to use, safe, and has many modern conviniences, but it's also very fast.

This website:

The website is made with the leptos framework, because I wanted to code something in rust. There aren't a lot of benefits to using leptos, but there are no downsides either, due to server side rendering and hydration. Read more about my setup here (coming later).

The background image(s) are all pictures taken by me, and then converted into the default EGA palette with GIMP.

The font is IBM VGA 8x16, and you can find it here.

Other stuff:

I am running a matrix and xmpp server on here in addition to this website.

If you want to contact me, you can do so on matrix at @thunder:kotiboksi.xyz or on xmpp at thunder@gooptyland.xyz.